paintball faqs

Frequently asked questions


Where is Allout Paintball?
Our site is based at Slaley Hall Hotel, but we are well hidden within the grounds and you do not come up the main hotel drive, please visit our ‘contact page’ pop in your post code and follow the directions given! You will also receive directions in your e-mail confirmation which you receive from us once your booking is complete.

Can I get public transport to the site?
No, you would be able to get so far but then a taxi would be required! If you require a taxi please call the office and we shall be able to sort this out for you!

Does paintballing hurt?
Yes paintballing can hurt, especially at close range, although close range shots are against rules, and marshals are extremely strict on this rule, paintballing is all about having fun not being in pain!

Will Groups be mixed?
Yes, groups will be mixed if the site is busy, although if this is happens we mix the teams fairly, we try and keep families with families, children with children and stag and hen parties separate. If your group is a large group then you could possibly be by yourselves, however if this is a concern please contact the office to discuss this.  

How many players will there be on each team:
This all depends on how many people arrive on the day, our minimum group size for the day to go ahead is 30 and our maximum in a day is 80 people!  

How many paintballs will I need?
The national average is 500, but it depends on how trigger happy you are! We offer a pay as you play where paintballs are charged at £9 per hundred or you can buy a box of 2000 paintballs for £118.00, this shall all be explained to you on the day by the marshals!

Can we take our own paintballs?
No, unfortunately for health and safety reasons you may only use the paintballs provided by Allout Paintball on the day. We need to know that the paintballs are safe and it would take all day to check every single paintball.

Can I use my own equipment?
Yes, if your gun is a Tipmans gun in good working condition then that is not a problem, however our marshals will inspect your equipment and decide whether it is suitable to use at our site. Our decision is final!

Is there a minimum and maximum age limit:
There is no maximum age limit; however Allout Paintball does have a minimum age limit of 11 years old. If you do have children under this age wanting to play Paintball please check out our Splat Master section on the website!

Do children need adults to sign disclaimer forms?
Yes all players under 16 need a parent / guardian to sign a disclaimer form for them.

Do children need adults to stay on site with them?
Once the children are signed in and the adults are happy to leave, then they can, there is no safe area where parents can watch the children play.

What do we need to bring with us?
You must bring your confirmation form with you to be presented on the day, some suitable clothing depending on the weather sturdy but comfortable footwear and a sense of adventure!

Do we have storage for valuables?
Here at Allout Paintball we do not have lockers or storage facilities for valuables.

How far in advance do we need to book?
We recommend that you book at least 2 weeks in advance although we will always try our best to accommodate your requirements where possible.

What time do we need to be on site?
We like all players to arrive at 10.00 for the games to start at 10.30; this shall be stated on your confirmation once booked.

Does the day go ahead if it is raining?
Yes, paintball is an all-weather game come rain or shine! Paintball in rain is awesome fun so bring some good sturdy footwear.

What happens if a player does not turn up?
If a player does not attend without notifying us inside of the given period (7 days before) they will lose their pre-payment and are no longer entitled to their 1st 100 Paintballs.

What does lunch consist of?
Allout Paintballs lunch consists of a hotdog, can of pop or bottle of water and a chocolate bar, extra drinks and chocolate bars can be purchased on the day to keep your energy levels up!! If this is not already included in your package, please call our office to add this on! Our lunch package is an extra £4.00 per person.

Can we bring Alcohol on site?
No, consumption of alcohol is strictly not allowed on our site. Anybody found to have had alcohol before or during the day will be sent home without exception.

Can I leave early?
Paintball is a full day activity, however if you have any special requests please contact our bookings team to see what they can do for you.

Is proof of age required for children?
No it is the responsibility of the parent / guardian to be truthful about the age of a player. If they are under the minimum age required at our site, then insurance is null and void.

What clothing and footwear do we have to wear?
It depends on the weather but we recommend you bring layers of warm & comfortable clothing. We shall provide you with coveralls which you will wear over your clothing. Bring sturdy but comfortable footwear.

Do the sites cater for vegetarians?
Yes, we do cater for vegetarians; this must be stated at the time of the booking, or at least 2 days before your due to play!  

Can I arrive later than the time given?
No, players that arrive late will miss the safety briefing and therefore will not be allowed to play. Although if you let us know beforehand even if it is on the morning of your game we shall try our best to work around this, so a marshal shall be there to meet and greet you!

How long does a day’s paintballing last?
Paintball is a full day activity, however if you have any special requests please contact our bookings team to see what they can do for you. You can play up to 12 games depending on game completion.

What happens if we are late?
You must be on site at the time stipulated as it is important that you are there for the safety briefing and the issuing of your combat gear, paintball marker and paintballs. If you are running late please contact the office and we shall try our best to work around this, so a marshal shall be there to meet and greet you.

Is there an area for spectators?
No we do not have an area for spectators, health and safety issues make it difficult to provide an area where you can view the entire game without risk of stray paintballs.

Can I have the absent players 1st 100 paintballs?
No, players who fail to attend on the day lose their 1st 100 paintballs and these paintballs are strictly non-transferable.

How can I play for half a day only?
Yes you can, you will be given time options at the time of booking.

Is there a limit to how many people can book?
No, bring as many people as you want but please remember that all bookings are subject to availability so please check the day you are interested in on our site!

Do you offer discount if we buy paintballs in bulk?
We offer boxes of 2000 paintballs for £118.00 per box! Or we can sell 100 paintballs at £9 per hundred, it does work out cheaper to buy the box! Once you have bought the box this shall be named and put in a safe location and can be accessed between games.

Can paintballs be reused?
All paintballs bought on the day must be consumed with in your session any paintballs left over must be either used or binned. Any spent paintballs cannot be reused in guns, as paintballs are water based and as soon they hit the floor they gather moisture and expand so therefore will not fit the barrel of the gun again and this also damages our equipment.  

Stag / Hen Parties:
Any questions about costumes or what you have planned please contact a member of the team to discuss this.