Stress Buster

Why choose our stress buster package?

Stress in the workplace can have a real detrimental effect on staff morale and productivity within your business. Our action-packed Stress Buster events will make the stresses of work feel like a distant memory and can help cope with the day to day stress of a busy work position.

It’s a proven fact that being outdoors helps release endorphins that help calm and relax the body and mind giving more of a positive outlook on the future not only at work but at home too. 

Yoga and feng shui may be one solution to combating stress but our packages are also designed to get you and your team motivated throughout your session not only through exercise but also keeping your mind active and once your days over you’ll feel relaxed and ready to take on new challenges. 

Our Stress Buster events will have connecting with other team members in a new environment helping you work smarter keeping a healthy mind. 

Benefits of our stress buster package:

Choose from some or all of the following activities or call us on 01434676980 to discuss which activities will best suit your overall goal. 

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