Why Are Team Building Days Important?

Corporate Team Group

What is a team building day?

Team building days (or corporate away days) are a chance to leave the workplace and experience something unique with colleagues. They can be a great way to work on vital skills such as communication, trust building, problem solving and decision making. They can also be a great ice breaker for new employees or those that haven’t had chance to mingle yet.

Connect Remote Workers

Due to the pandemic, many workplaces have had to embrace working from home or hybrid models alike within the workplace. This causes cohesion to potentially be lost between colleagues and departments due to lack of regular physical communication. Team members can feel isolated from their peers with this model and so team building days are the perfect way to get colleagues together in one place. This in turn can help improve connections between team members and help with their communication skills; as a lack of communication within the workplace can have a detrimental effect on the business and morale. Whether its rekindling old connections or making new connections – Allout Adventures has a corporate package to suit you.

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Learn Transferrable Skills

Learn leadership, communication and collaboration skills as colleagues work together to understand each other’s strengths, weaknesses and interests on our corporate team building days. These are key skills that employees can take back to the workplace to improve their professional development and improve the dynamic of the whole team.

Our packages allow colleagues who often don’t get the chance to mingle due to a variety of reasons such as shift patterns, location differences or different departments, to find out more about each other, work together collaboratively and make memories! A close-knit team ensures productivity, motivation and communication and translates to a positive working environment.

Top Tips For Organising A Team Building Day

Firstly, we would recommend considering how many people will be participating in the day and if the activities you would like to do are suitable for the party size. The last thing you want is too many or too few people participating as then it won’t be enjoyed to its full potential.

We can help you choose the right package for your team based on your team size and preferences.

When planning a team building day, be sure to plan with purpose. Think about what you want to get out of your team building day. This will help hugely when picking the activities for your team! Each activity should be meaningful and should pull out skills and experiences that will benefit the employees and business. Picking tasks totally out of your team’s comfort zone or one they aren’t familiar with, will have more of an impact and offer a unique experience. Be mindful of physical and social demands and aim to pick a range of activities for your team building day.

Corporate days don’t have to be regimented, they’re a chance to get out of the workplace after all! It’s a chance for employees to blow off steam and mingle so don’t forget to schedule adequate breaks to allow colleagues a chance to relax and decompress.

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