What Are The 4 Main Types Of Team Building Days?

Corporate Team Building

If you’re looking to organise a team building day (or corporate ‘away day’) for your workforce, it’s worth understanding the different types of team building days that are on offer. This will depend on what you are wanting to achieve from the day itself. Whether you are wanting to work on specific team building skills to help enhance your workforce, or you are wanting to celebrate a company milestone, you can find a range of team days to suit your requests. 

Team Building Activity Type 1: Communication

Communication is a key skill for any workforce and it’s important that team members have the chance to practise and exercise their communication skills outside of their usual work environment. With team building days, you provide your workers with the opportunity to enhance their communication skills with their colleagues outside of their usual work constraints. This can be extremely beneficial for the team when they transfer these communication skills back to their work including: enhanced productivity, higher efficiency and stronger working relationships between colleagues.

We offer a range of outdoor activities that involve team members working together to really test their communication skills. This might be the team working in small groups, or in pairs to complete a set of tasks. It’s an effective way of encouraging more communication between colleagues away from their usual work environment.

Team Building Activity Type 2: Problem Solving and Decision Making

Problem solving and decision making are core skills that you might want your team to build on during the organised day. This can help them with their day-to-day work, team management and responding quickly to any issue that might spontaneously occur. For these types of tasks, it’s a good idea to choose a team building day that is completely unrelated to their work and their work environment - for instance, choosing an active outdoor task for your team who are based in an office. This helps to push your team out of their comfort zone and test their problem solving and decision making skills.

We have created the ultimate challenge if you’re looking to test your team’s problem solving skills. Tracked involves taking your team into the depths of the Slaley Forest without any communication to the outside world (apart from a radio). Your team must work together and use their skills to find their way out of the forest and back to the main base.

Team Building Activity Type 3: Adaptability and Planning

Having colleagues that can plan and adapt to new situations helps build a dynamically driven team. Team building days are an effective way of assessing your team as they adapt to brand new situations outside of their usual work environment and routines. Encouraging your team to step out of their comfort zone can help build on a range of adaptability skills that they can bring back to their work.

Choose team building days that will be unfamiliar to the team and will challenge them. For instance, active outdoor activities where they have to adapt to their surroundings in order to solve the tasks. We offer a range of outdoor activities that can help your team practice a range of skills.

Team Building Type 4: Trust-Building

Trust is a core element for each and every workforce and can sometimes be a weakness within teams. Team building days are an effective way of bringing coworkers together to encourage having more trust within each other. These experiences can then transfer back into the work environment to help strengthen the overall team dynamic. Enhanced trust within the team can lead to higher productivity, more efficient work styles and improved relationships between colleagues.

There are a variety of team building days that are designed to encourage your team to exercise trust amongst their team and also in themselves. We have designed a range of outdoor team building activities that encourage your team to work together and also instil confidence in individuals.