The Benefits of Physical Activity for Team Building

Physical Activity for Team Building

The Benefits of Physical Activity for Team Building

Team building days are a great opportunity to engage with colleagues outside of the work environment, especially if you have just recruited new team members. The new year is a common time for companies to bring on new employees and with this comes new challenges. Starting a new role can always be daunting, navigating your way round the office, meeting new colleagues, learning your craft - can all become quite overwhelming. Team building days (or corporate away days) are the perfect way to start the year off with a fun icebreaker to help bring the group together. They can also be a great way to work on vital skills such as communication, trust building, problem solving and decision making. 

Strengthen Relationships Between Remote Workers

We live in an era, post pandemic where many workplaces embraced working from home or hybrid models. This can cause relationships to be lost between colleagues, or not formed in the first place due to less time spent together in the office. Working from home can often make people feel isolated in general and from their peers so team building days are the perfect way to get all employees together for the day, take part in exciting tasks, put face to name and  strengthen those relationships in person. These sessions in turn can improve connections between the full team having a positive effect in the workplace. Allout Adventures has a corporate package to suit you.

Due to the nature of most office-based roles, less time is spent outdoors and more time in front of screens. As the weather gets warmer, it is the perfect time to book your team building day and get that well needed fresh are and Vitamin D. Research shows that approximately 20% of the population in the UK have a Vitamin D deficiency and 60% of the population receive insufficient levels. Symptoms of a lack of Vitamin D include fatigue and tiredness, frequent illness, bone or back pain, depression, anxiety, hair loss and muscle pain. We are situated in the beautiful Northumberland countryside, with stunning views in every direction, you are also able to get close to nature with wild animals roaming around our grounds - which is always good for the soul!

The Benefits of Physical Activity

Physical activity also has a positive influence on mental and physical health. UK statistics show that 60% of men and 55% of women in the UK are physically active. These figures are decreasing annually and will have detrimental effects long term on physical and mental health. Encouraging your team to step outside of their comfort zones at a team building day, in the fresh air, taking part in physical activity will result in a positive approach to the workplace and encourage growth.  Employees should be able to adapt to situations within the workplace and create effective solutions for your business and the skills practised on team building days teach this perfectly. 

What Do Our Team Building Packages Contain?

We offer a wide range of packages suitable for all employees: Team Development, Allout Re-energise, Management & Leadership and Stress Busting.  

Workplace stress can have an overall effect on morale thus affecting productivity. Our ‘Stress Buster’ package includes clay pigeon shooting, quad biking, axe throwing, paintballing and human table football to get the endorphins flowing. 

Our ‘Leadership’ package is ideal for those in high responsibility roles to further enhance their skills. Take part in blind driving, nightline and kidnapped quest where communication and taking charge is crucial. 

‘Re-Energise’ your employees with our package aimed to motivate, encourage and increase motivation. With activities including orienteering, axe throwing and quad biking!

The ‘Team Development’ package focuses on the bonds of the team and includes activities such as invisible maze, survival day, the swap and blind driving. 

If you’re looking for an action packed outdoor team building day, Allout Adventures have a wide range of activities suitable for the whole team. Explore our packages by clicking here.