Step away from the screens!

Screen time

Team building days (or corporate away days) can be a great chance for colleagues to work on skills outside of the workplace. Our outdoor corporate days are the perfect way to help you feel more connected to nature and feel more relaxed. They give your employees the chance to leave the workplace and experience a totally unique day, working on vital skills such as trust building, communication, decision making and problems solving. Spending time outside of the workplace with colleagues, is the perfect opportunity to network and develop personal and professional skills – without the pressure of being in the office.

Step away from the screens!

In today’s society, it is extremely hard to escape screens. They are everywhere you look! Giving yourself a break from screen time is so important, not only for your work life but also personal. Weather you work on a computer, socially scroll your smart phone or watch TV at home – screens are impossible to escape. It is so important to give your eyes and brain a chance to relax from focusing closely at a brightly lit device and productivity and focus will typically increase when doing so. Natural light has a whole host of positive benefits such as mood improvement, stress reduction and helping you feel more relaxed. Which is why our corporate away days are perfect, offering a break from office life and giving employees chance to embrace nature and spend time outdoors. Not to mention, there are many picturesque views at our location, as we are situated within the grounds of Slaley Hall.

Our Team building days are based in Newcastle and so, are perfect for businesses local to the North East. They are tailored to suit small companies as well as large corporate groups with handpicked activities to suit employees’ abilities and desired skill development. We have a variety of packages available to suit your goals and budgets. Once you have selected the type of team building day you want, you can then start planning the activities you’d like to do.

We offer a wide range of activities to simultaneously get the adrenaline pumping and refine those all-important skills. Choose from our package deals to find the right activities for your team so you can plan a memorable team building day. After the day, employees will be able to take their newly enhanced skills back to the workplace and their day-to-day life.

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