Planning A Corporate or Team Away Day

Corporate Team Building

Corporate or team away days are an opportunity for your team to experience unique activities away from their usual work environment. It’s a chance for colleagues to interact when they are not in their usual roles within the workspace. It also allows each person to build on different skills depending on the types of activities that are organised during the type of team away day. We break down what the purpose of a team away day is, what happens on these types of days and also what makes a good team away day.

What Is the Purpose of a Team Away Day?

Team away days (or corporate away days) are activities that are planned for colleagues outside of their usual workspace. Sometimes the team away days can have activities designed to build on different skills (i.e. leadership or problem-solving) which colleagues can transfer back into their work. Or the away days can be less formal and are a chance to blow off some steam or celebrate a company milestone.

If you’re part of a large corporate company, these team away days provide the perfect opportunity for employees from different departments or headquarters to meet and network. If you are part of a smaller team, you might identify key areas that you would like your team to work on during these away days. For instance, you might choose an activity that involves the team practising their communication or leadership skills. 

What Happens on a Corporate and Team Away Day?

There are a wealth of different corporate and team away days, but most of them will follow a structure of scheduled activities, lunches and time to network. These types of activities that can be organised on these team away days can range from puzzle-solving escape rooms, to outdoor team building activities, to team sports for a dose of healthy competition. 

Once the team has completed the activity, there will usually be a scheduled lunch break and some time for the team to decompress. After lunch, the team might participate in another activity, or there might be a networking session, which is more suitable for large corporate companies.

What Makes A Good Team Away Day?

A good team or corporate away day should be suited to the team you are planning the day for and also be suited to your goals. If you have certain skills that you want your team to build upon during the away day, observe your team in the days and weeks following the away day and see how their skills have transferred from the away day to the workspace.

Another way of measuring the success of the team or corporate away day is observing your team during the day. Are they enjoying themselves? Are they participating in the activities? Are they working together as a team? This is the best indicator as to whether your team's away day has been a success.

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