Plan An Adventurous Staycation This Summer

Staycation Northumberland

As of the beginning of July, lockdown restrictions in the UK have eased significantly, allowing us to see more people, head to the pub and stay in hotels. But what isn’t clear is when the lockdown will completely end, allowing international travel to resume in full. But in the meantime, we’ve been putting in the necessary measures to make sure our facilities and activities are as safe as possible for all our visitors and we can’t wait to see you soon! 

With the summer holiday months approaching, many of us are faced with the sad prospect of cancelled holidays - basically, a summer holiday without the holiday. If you’ve had to cancel a trip away, there's no reason why you can’t make the most of the coming weeks, why not plan a staycation packed full of adventure that the kids and grownups will both love.

What's a staycation? 

A staycation is where you enjoy activities near to your own home. It’s the way to make the most of the summer and (as a bonus), it’s a lot more affordable than a holiday abroad. For more inspiration, we’ve put together the best reasons to plan staycation that's full of adventure, but be clear on lockdown restrictions to make sure you won’t be breaking any rules!

Staycation Northumberland

1. Visit the Countryside

Allout Adventures is situated right in the middle of the Northumberland countryside in Slaley Hall, luckily for us, our countryside is full of natural beauty with surprising diversity, and an enormous amount of attractions to explore. The Northumberland countryside is a mosaic of heather and meadows with rolling hills and secret valleys. There’s unspoilt wilderness, pack a picnic and walk for miles without seeing a soul.  

Staycation Northumberland

2. Nice and Easy

    With a UK staycation, things couldn’t be easier. There’s no need for passports, visas, extensive airport waits, suitcase weight limits or exchange rates. You can go from your front door to Allout Adventures in a matter of minutes and return home at the end of the day, (let's face it, there’s no bed like your own!).

    Staycation Northumberland

    3. Plan a Greener Holiday

    It’s no secret that aeroplane travel has a significant carbon footprint, with holiday makers jetting off around the globe for decades now. But recently, doubts have been cast about the ethical and environmental implications of this carefree attitude to air travel. By planning a staycation, you can play your part in creating a greener planet, we’ve also got several ‘green’ activities that you can try like archery and axe throwing!

    Staycation Northumberland

    4. No Worries

    The coronavirus pandemic has certainly been worrying, keeping your loved ones safe has to be the number one priority. So travelling on a packed aeroplane or train can add to that worry. Now could be the right time to plan a staycation and book in socially distanced activities to make the most of your summer holidays and make it safe and stress free. We’ve been very busy preparing for your safe return and worked hard to follow Government and industry COVID-19 guidelines, we have processes in place to maintain cleanliness and aid social distancing, so that you can have the best time when you visit us. 

    So, when are you booking in? 

    If you're keen to make your staycation packed full of adventure and enjoy everything Allout Adventures has to offer, click here to view our full list of activities and contact us today.

    We can’t wait to see you!