New Year, New Staff Morale With An Outdoor Adventure

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The new year can be a time for ‘new year, new me’ but it can also be a time for low morale, following the festivities and knowing that you have to wait a whole year for Christmas again! It’s no myth that we can experience the ‘January Blues’ after the festive season both in our personal and professional life. This can impact morale, mood and our motivation as we ring in a new year.

How Can The New Year Impact Staff Morale?

Morale can contribute to a number of things such as staff retention, work performance, employee motivation, communication and engagement within the company. Companies with strong positive morale typically have strong, more productive and positive employees. According to research, 41% of workers said they would take a pay cut if their company invested more in their health and wellbeing.

Therefore when staff morale is low, it can negatively impact multiple elements of the business. If you are noticing that your staff are experiencing a lower mood when they return to work in January, then there are a few ways you can boost morale for your staff. According to the NHS, around 40% of people in the UK experience a persistent low mood and other symptoms of seasonal affective disorder.

How Can You Improve Staff Mood During January?

Bringing your employees together for some outdoor activities and team building can not only help boost morale, but also help employees to work better as a team, which is vital for the business. Using team building activities is the perfect way to do this and what better time, than the start of the new year! Use January as the best opportunity to get your team outside, away from their desks and experience something unique with their colleagues. Not only will your colleagues have great memories from this day, but they will also have a positive experience from what is widely considered the least positive month of the year.

Whether you have new team members who need to get to know each other, or an already established team that you wish to bond further - AllOut Adventures can cater for all needs!

Why Is Maintaining High Staff Morale Important?

Morale is crucial to an organisation and when things are running in harmony - the business can thrive. The past couple of years have been nothing short of disruption with businesses defaulting to survival mode to ‘just get through it’, meaning employees' morale and happiness isn't at the forefront of businesses’ minds. Keeping your employees happy should be a priority all year round! Employees that have low morale are more likely to be demotivated and  disengaged from their work, and studies show they will make 60% more errors in their work. One way to combat low staff morale is planning a team building day, especially days that are set in the fresh outdoors!

What types of team building days are available?

Team building days contribute to a more successful and creative workplace with tasks being specifically targeted towards enhancing trust building, problem solving, decision making and communication skills. At AllOut Adventures, we offer a variety of corporate team building packages; team development, Allout re-energise, management & leadership and stress busting.

Our ‘Team Development’ package focuses on the bonding of the team. With activities including, air crash survival, segway assault, blind driving, the swamp, survival day and invisible maze - there is something for everyone!

Positive energy will radiate into the workplace following our ‘Re-Energise’ package, aimed to increase productivity, encourage positive thinking and increase motivation. Test and reward your team with activities such as orienteering, axe throwing, quad biking and many more!

Our ‘Leadership’ package is ideal for those in a managerial position to enhance an already wide set of skills or to identify leadership skills within a team. Our activities are handpicked to encourage individuals to take charge, inspire others and set goals. This package comprises activities such as blind driving, night line and kidnapped quest - and many more! 

Workplace stress can have a real detrimental effect on staff morale and productivity. Our ‘Stress Buster’ package promises endorphin release in the outdoors, relaxation and motivation. This package boasts, clay pigeon shooting, quad biking, axe throwing, paintballing and human table football.

Plan Your Team Building Day With AllOut Adventures 

Choose your activities wisely based on the logistics! The group size, the suitability of activities for colleagues and if the team will enjoy it. Our activities can accommodate both small and large groups. We provide full training before each activity to ensure colleagues feel safe and comfortable - regardless of experience of skill level.

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