How To Plan An Effective Team Building Day

Corporate Team Building

What Are Team Building Days?

Team building days (or ‘corporate days’) are opportunities for your workforce to engage in a range of activities with their colleagues away from their usual work environment. There are a wealth of team building days to choose from and it all depends on your goal for the day. For instance, you might want to improve the communication of your workforce; allow colleagues who are based in different locations to network together; or it’s a chance for the whole team to celebrate a company milestone. 

How Do I Pick The Best Team Building Day For My Workforce?

Depending on the purpose of the team building day, you will find a range of activities suited to your goals. For instance, you can find a wealth of team building days tailored towards improving communication or leadership skills. These can take the form of Escape Rooms, which are suitable for smaller teams and are great for improving communication and critical thinking. 

There are also various outdoor activities such as our Tracked adventure, which involves your team working together without any outside communication to find their way out of the forest and avoiding capture. If you want to inject some confidence into your team and build on their leadership skills, our Leadership Package is filled with activities to bring out the best in your team.  

Team building days don’t need a specific goal or tailored activity, as these days provide the perfect opportunity to let your workforce blow off some steam and network with each other outside of the usual work environment. This is when activities that inject some healthy competition are the best and can help colleagues bond. For instance, our Re-Energise Package is filled with activities to fuel adrenaline and spark positive energy amongst the team. 

How Do I Know If The Team Building Day Has Been Successful?

As your workforce participates in the team building day, you can observe to see who seems to be participating the most, pushing themselves out of their comfort zone and ultimately enjoying themselves. This is a clear sign that the team building day has been a success. 

Then it’s important to see how the skills from the team building day are transferred back into the work environment. If your team building day was focused on communication or leadership skills, observe how the team is exercising these skills in their day-to-day work life. These team building days can also improve a range of other factors amongst the team, such as productivity, efficiency and critical thinking, so it’s important to observe your team as a whole to see if the team building day has been a success. 

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