How To Organise An Outdoor Team Building Day

Corporate Team Group

During this UK heatwave, you might be thinking of getting your team away from their desks and outside of the office (unless you’re one of the lucky places with air conditioning). Whether you are wanting to incorporate team building activities into the day, or you are looking for an opportunity to blow off some team, you can find an outdoor team day that suits you and your colleagues.

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What Makes A Fun Outdoor Team Building Day?

There are a few things to think about when you are organising an outdoor team building day. Firstly you need to consider how many people will be participating in the team day and if the activities you are wanting to do are suitable for the size you are bringing. Too few people will mean that the activity can’t be enjoyed to its maximum potential, whereas too many people can make for a cramped and crowded day and lead to people waiting to have their turn.  This all depends on the activity that you choose, which is why we recommend confirming numbers for the team building day before you finalise the activities.

Secondly, you need to think about what you would like your employees to work on during the team day. If you are focusing on team building and practising new skills, then different activities are going to be tailored towards these skills more than others. Whether it's communication, networking or problem-solving, you can find a range of activities that will help your team exercise these skills in an enjoyable way. If the team enjoys the activities, then they will transfer these skills from the activities from the day, to their work.

Finally, think of activities that your team will enjoy, but will also push them out of their comfort zone. Challenging your team with outdoor activities that they might not have experienced before will create more memorable experiences. This will give the team a morale boost and create opportunities for colleagues to bond and create a fresh dynamic that they can carry back into the workplace.

What Are Some Of The Best Team Outdoor Activities?

The best team activities are the ones that are suited to your goals for the day. This will depend on the size of your team and what skills you want your team to work on. The more tailored the activities are to your goals, the more effective these team building days will be and the more benefits your team will reap. 

For instance, if you are wanting to work on your team building and communication skills, we have packages that focus on those exact skills! Our Team Development package lets you choose from a range of energy-packed activities including Blind Driving, Survival Day, Segway Assault and many more. 

If you are wanting to help motivate and re-energise your team, then our Re-Energise Package contains a range of activities to boost morale including: Orienteering, Axe Throwing, Human Table Football and much more!

Therefore, it’s good to think of what you want to get out of your team building day and what you’d like your team to work on. Then you will be able to organise an outdoor team building day that your team will enjoy!

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