Find The Best Team Building Days For Your Workplace

Corporate Team Building

Team building days are great ways of getting your team away from the workspace and allow colleagues to bond and blow off some steam in a more relaxed environment. These days can have a set purpose depending on what you want your team to learn and achieve from the day. Or it can simply be a chance for everyone to celebrate the success of the company. Due to the popularity of team building days, there are a range of activities that you can choose from and are suitable for small work teams, to large corporate groups. 

What Is A Team Building Day?

Team Building Days (or Corporate ‘Away Days’) are experiences and activities designed to help to motivate employees, develop team building skills and also give everyone a chance to decompress with their team outside of the work environment. There is a wide variety of team building days to choose from designed to achieve different outcomes depending on what you are wanting your team to achieve. 

You will find a wide range of activities to choose from when you are looking at team building days. Some activities can be more focused on people working in teams to achieve a single goal, which will help improve communication skills between employees. Activities that are more meet-and-greet focused with more games might be more suited towards relationship building. 

How Do You Plan A Team Building Day?

Before you start looking for team building days, you need to decide what you want the outcome of the day to be. Depending on the purpose for the team building day, you might choose some activities that are more suitable than others. Whether it is nurturing relationships, bonding, communication or a team celebration, you will find a range of activities designed to get the most out of your team and help you reach your outcome. 

Also think of how you want the team building day to be organised, making sure to plan enough time for the activities to be carried out fully and also enough time for breaks and lunches. Planning a day that is tightly packed can lead to employees leaving the day feeling more tightly wound than relaxed and refreshed from the activities.

What Are Some Of The Best Team Building Activities?

There are a huge range of team building activities to choose from and can be suitable for smaller work teams and large corporate groups. If you are looking for an indoor activity, try an Escape Room. These allow employees to work in smaller teams and communicate with each other effectively to solve a series of puzzles to escape their room before the time is up. 

You can also find a range of outdoor activities to suit your team. These types of activities give teams that are more office-based to get away from their desks and into an active, outdoor environment.

For more outdoor activities, we offer a range of packages designed to motivate your team and help you achieve the best outcome. Our action-packed days include quad biking, clay pigeon shooting and orienteering to help your team communicate, problem solve and ultimately have a fun day with their colleagues!