Entertain The Kids With These Unique Outdoor Family Activities

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Are you struggling for new ideas to keep the family entertained? Or are you conscious of how much screen time your family indulges in each night? Then wrap up and get stuck in and bring the whole gang along for some family fun at All Out Adventures.

83% of parents agree that they find the use of technology and social media in the home to be a personal challenge and according to OFCOM, parents have found it harder to control their children’s screen time in the last 2 years than ever before. Statistics have shown that over half of the time parents intervene with their children and technology, it results in an argument. With children spending around 21 hours of their free time using tech devices, compared to 4 hours doing extracurricular or outdoors activities.

Our family quad trek is suitable for children aged 6 and over and for up to 6 people. You and your family will experience up to 10 miles of our 1300 estate, winding over forest tracks, an open motocross style track and open fields. We are based in the beautiful Northumberland countryside with picturesque views wherever you look. Northumberland is famous for the views, architecture, landscapes and sandy beaches. You can also get closer to nature with birds of prey, deer and hares visible from our grounds.

How Too Much Tech Time Is Impacting Children’s Development

We live in an era where technology is at the touch of our fingers and this has impacted children’s regular physical activity, with a decreasing number of children participating in physical activity each year. Further research has shown that children, preteens and teenagers are spending more time on screens than ever before and this has been shown to have increased obesity, reduced physical activity and decreased overall health.

Spending an increasing amount of time in front of screens not only impacts children’s physical health, but spending less time doing physical activities and more time doing sedentary activities can also have prolonged effects on behaviour, attention and psychology. So get your kids outdoors, step away from the screens and beat the winter fatigue!

How Family Time Positively Impacts Children’s Participation in Physical Activity

Family time has an influence on children’s physical activity participation and may contribute to increased sedentary behaviour. Physical activity participation in early childhood has been linked with an increased probability of engagement in physical activity in adolescence, as the habits of activity are formed early in our lifespan. Therefore, the earlier that you can encourage children to spend time outside doing activities, the more positive impact this will have on their health and wellbeing as they mature. Multiple studies have shown a clear correlation between the amount of time children spend engaging in physical activities and their overall wellbeing. It is important to spend quality time together, bonding as a family doing physical, outdoor activities and getting some well needed fresh air!

Get Started With An All Out Adventures Family Package

We offer a wide range of bikes, suitable for the full family. With Honda 250cc quad bikes available for those 16 and over, Honda 90cc geared for those aged 10-15 years old, and Yamaha or Suzuki 50cc 4 stroke quad bikes available for children aged 6-9 years old. Our family orientated quad trek is available all year round. We provide a full safety brief given by a fully trained instructor, provide helmets, snoods, gloves, wellies and overalls.