Can Spending Time Outdoors Boost Staff Morale?

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Get your team outdoors and beat those winter blues! As winter draws in, morale in the office can naturally drop. The urge to go home, get cosy and watch a movie grows rapidly! Thus less time spent outdoors in natural light. A reduction in morale can have a huge impact on the business as a whole and also employees’ mental wellbeing. Corporate away days aim to take the team outdoors and ensure they spend some well needed time in fresh air!

When Should You Arrange A Team Building Day?

With the air getting colder and the evenings shorter and darker, it’s natural for employee morale to suffer, with 44% of British workers stating that winter has a negative effect on their mental wellbeing. Depending on the nature of the business, the end of the year can also be a peak time, meaning that employees can experience burnout and running out of steam. If you’re experiencing a dwindling morale and low mood because of the winter season and overworked staff, then you might be looking for team building and corporate ‘away days’ to get your staff excited about the year to come and finish the year on a high. 

Team building days can be structured days filled with different activities to help employees work on different skills like communication, leadership or problem solving. Alternatively, corporate days can be a chance for staff to blow off some steam and have fun with their colleagues by participating in fun activities and events. It’s also a way to celebrate the business and for management to show their appreciation for their team members, which in turn boosts morale.

How Does Winter Affect Our Mood? 

In the UK, it’s well known that we are not exposed to much sunlight, especially during the winter months. Therefore, with the decreased sunlight, we experience a lack of Vitamin D. Because of the lack of Vitamin D and the colder, darker weather, the majority of people become less active with employees being less likely to go outside in their lunch break or go for a run or walk before or after work. 51% of employees state the weather directly affects their mood and 30% of employees state that winter affects their productivity at work. Many people in the UK suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), when the winter weather sets in. This is down to the lack of time spent outdoors during these months. It is crucial to beat that winter fatigue to ensure productivity in the workplace. So get your team outdoors with Allout Adventures, step away from the screens and beat that winter fatigue!

How Can I Boost an Employee's Mood During Winter?

Corporate or team away days are the perfect opportunity for your team to experience unique activities, away from their usual work environment and get some well needed fresh air. Studies have shown that just a few minutes per day outside has been proven to improve both our mood and overall physical health, leading to reduced stress and increased self esteem. Many people in the UK suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), when the winter weather sets in. This is down to the lack of time spent outdoors during these winter months.

Corporate away days give employees a chance to wind down at the end of the year and interact with each other, outside of their usual roles in the workplace. Team building days have activities designed to focus on different skill sets such as leadership or problem-solving skills, which may dwindle towards the end of the year when workload is high. Corporate away days can also be less formal and a chance to blow off some steam, celebrate a successful year, or prepare for a busy year ahead. Improving team morale has been shown to reduce employee absences by 41% and improve companies profits by up to 20%

What Do Our Team Building Packages Include?

At All Out Adventures, we offer a 4 types of corporate team building packages; team development, allout re-energise, management and leadership and stress busting. These days include indoor activities, outdoor activities, weekend or week-long activities and corporate ‘away days’. Our packages are designed to focus on particular skills, abilities and goals and include a range of activities such as invisible maze, Segway assault, air crash survival, axe throwing, quad biking, clay pigeon shooting and paintballing to name a few!

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