Allout Paintball Shoot-out

Paintball northumberland

As the Coronavirus affects everyone around the globe, now more than ever are people needing a morale boost. Instead of feeling down in the dumps, why not use this time wisely and treat yourself and your friends to a post lockdown treat and purchase a gift voucher to go paintballing at Allout Adventures. 

Paintball is an activity that is hard to rival, that’s why it’s the perfect activity for an end of lockdown morale boost. We’ve listed just a few of the many reasons why… 

Paintball northumberland

Paintball: A Great Excuse To Get Friends Together

Organising plans with friends and family can be a tough task with juggling schedules and finding an activity that everyone will enjoy, planning a day out is never easy and now with everyone adhering to the government guidance, it’s no wonder we’re all missing our friends and family. This is why a trip paintballing at Allout Adventures is the perfect opportunity to get the gang together for a memorable and exciting day out. 

A day paintballing at Allout Adventures provides rural battlefield environments to explore, in immersive combat scenarios, and, most importantly, you’ll get to shoot your friends with paintball guns, just to show them how much you’ve missed them!

Paintballing also acts as a great team building exercise and a fantastic way to reconnect and bond with family and friends after a long time apart. Not only does a day of paintball let you enjoy the outdoors and blow off some steam with friends and family, but you’ll also come away with unforgettable memories to look back on. 

Paintball northumberland

Getting Outside In The Fresh Air Boosts Your Mood 

With many of us being stuck at home indoors, the effects can really bring your mood down and in a digital age, with huge amounts of technology and gadgets there’s more than enough reasons to not go outside. While these activities may be fun, there’s no substitute for getting outside and enjoying the fresh air. 

There is an abundance of studies which demonstrate the benefits of spending more time outside, ranging from stress relief to increased brain function and creativity and boosting your mood. A gift voucher for paintballing at Allout Adventures could be exactly what you and your friends need to boost your mood and give you something to look forward to once the world starts to return to normal. 

Paintball newcastle

A Unique Form Of Exercise

Lets face it, being stuck in the house has left us all lacking motivation and feeling a bit lethargic, but exercising has a fantastic effect on your morale, energy and overall health. 

Whether you’re a health fanatic or a bit of a novice, you’ll be glad to know that paintballing is an incredible form of exercise which provides a full body workout. You’ll be able to get in some cardio as you run to cover, hop and climb obstacles and chase enemies (or run from them). The varied positions such as crouching, kneeling and ducking, not to mention carrying a gun all day, makes an intense strength workout.

If conventional methods of exercise, like going to the gym, don’t appeal to you, a day at Allout Adventures paintballing will give you a unique way to break a sweat. A combination of  the immersive nature of paintball and the stress-relieving endorphins released while exercising will leave your spirits high and eager for your next game of paintball

Paintball stag do

Here at Allout Adventures we provide a fantastic experience for a variety of age groups and occasions, so if you want to celebrate a birthday with us, or something more specific like a stag do, we’re more than happy to do whatever we can to make it a memorable day. So why not surprise your friends and purchase a gift voucher for paintballing at Allout Adventure, they won't be disappointed!