8 Reasons To Try Paintballing in 2020

Paintball is played and enjoyed by people of all walks of life, it’s 2020 and maybe you’ve set a New Years resolution to try something new. We’ve put together a list of just a few reasons why you should try paintballing. 

Paintball north east


Paintball is a very social game, giving players an opportunity to get away from the troubles of everyday life. You also spend time with friends and get the chance to make new ones. Paintball helps you to grow friendships, from planning to playing and even bragging over drinks after your team wins.  

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It’s always great to be outdoors, to feel the wind and sun and get some fresh air, especially in our woodlands at Slaley Hall. Playing paintball outdoors is a chance to get out and enjoy some nature while having fun and shooting opponents at the same time. 

paintball north east

Strategy and Teamwork

Now strategy and teamwork are two separate points, however, you will quickly learn that the best strategy is having everyone on the same page, success comes from working together. Getting out into the field and seeing a plan come together is very rewarding. It also makes the game fun when the team works together to devise and implement a strategy that leads them to victory. 

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Paintball can be a very competitive game whilst still being a lot of fun. When your team want to win and play strategically, paintball is ideal to let out your competitive side, it can also make the game more enjoyable. 

Paintball Northumberland

Adventure and Adrenaline

Paintball gives you a rush of adventure and adrenaline. Before the game begins there is a feeling of anticipation, from running through the woods, camping out in bunkers and ambushing the other team. Shooting the opposition and getting shot does not get old. Running, shooting and being alert at all times gets that adrenaline flowing! 

Paintball Northumberland


Paintball can come in many varieties, whether you play in the woods or with inflatable barriers. You can play a traditional game, capture the flag, or create your own game. No matter how much you play paintball, it never gets boring. 

paintball north east


Paintball is a very active game, from running, sprinting, jumping and moving, it provides a great chance to get in some exercise and get your heart rate up. There may be times when you’re sitting, hiding and waiting, but they’ll be short lived once you’re being shot at!

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Getting your friends together, picking teams and battling it out, paintball provides that sense of fun and excitement. Most people that try paintball rebook, giving them something to look forward to and imagining what could happen in each game and planning tactics accordingly. You go into the game with a goal, but the main aim is to have fun and achieve that sense of thrill. It will keep you coming back for more.

So, we hope we have convinced you to try paintballing, get in touch with our awesome team to find out more and get booked in. We can’t wait to see you!