5 Reasons To Try Allout Adventures Axe Throwing 

Here at Allout Adventures, we love axe throwing! If you’re not convinced, we’ve compiled a list of all the reasons why you should try it, we guarantee you’ll love it!

Axe throwing north east

1. Relieve Stress

Sometimes day to day life can get pretty stressful, but we have the solution to get rid of that extra stress. We think that sinking a heavy piece of steel into a block of wood over and over again is a great way to blow off that extra steam. Leaving you feeling exhilarated and stress free.

Axe throwing north east

2. Exercise

Axe throwing is physically demanding. You’ll be sure to have some tender muscles the next day. Throwing knives and axes is a great way to get the blood pumping and the endorphins flowing and hey, gaining some muscle isn’t a bad perk either!

Axe throwing north east

3. Making Memories 

Forget your generic games or a trip down the pub, a trip with your friends to Allout Adventures to throw some axes is sure to make you feel more accomplished. Make your trip into an axe throwing tournament and challenge your friends. Bonus points if you grow a beard and wear plaid flannel just for the occasion. Loser buys the drinks afterwards.

Axe throwing north east

4. Axe Throwing For Everyone 

Steady hands aren’t necessarily the key to this activity. More brute strength and a touch of accuracy is needed to hit the target. Using a range of different axes, hatchets and throwing knives, you’ll be taught the basics of the perfect throw and the different throwing techniques for each discipline. Great as a fun activity for those with a competitive edge wanting to learn new disciplines.

Axe throwing north east

5. Look Badaxe

Let’s be honest. The best part about axe throwing is getting to pretend that you’re a viking or a burly lumberjack, plaid flannel and all. 

If we've convinced you to try axe throwing, you can check out our packages here.