Team Building

At Allout Adventures we offer a wide variety of team building events and activity days. Our team building activities are a great way to get your team working on their social and communication skills and creativity.
All our team building activities help with team development and learning and are plenty of fun. Here at Allout Adventures we will give you and your colleagues a day to remember!

Building effective high performance teams

Effective teams have certain distinguishing characteristics in the way they work together and interact. Whether the team is well established or newly formed, these characteristics can make the difference when it matters most.

Our facilitators are specialists in development with a range of experiences in emotional intelligence, coaching, learning & development, psychology and both team and leadership development.

After your enquiry, one of our facilitators will discuss with you exactly what you require from the event and establish clear objectives. Practical outdoor activities will be designed around your specific needs. The skills learned here will be transferable to the work environment.

Should you wish to use psychometric measures and profiles, our facilitators will discuss this with you.

The amount of time dedicated to outdoor learning is entirely up to you. Typically this may be an introductory session and guidelines in the morning followed by review, feedback and action planning in the afternoon.


Our activities and exercises

Blind Driving

Go on, be daring and try out our blind driving! Hone your skill and coordination by driving our 4×4 round the course with a blindfold on. This exciting and thrilling activity is an excellent choice for team building.

Invisible Maze

You and your teammates must negotiate your way around the maze, travelling vertically, horizontally or diagonally on your way. You’ll navigate it one at a time until everyone is through. Trial and error is the way forward.

Bridge Too Far

After completing your latest mission, you and your teammates are on your way home. But what’s this? The bridge to safety has been blown up and you’ve got to find another way across.

For this you’ll need a good sense of balance and a head for heights. Using only the equipment provided, you and your teammates must individually cross from one side of the ruined bridge to the other – and safety.

Changing Places

Your team must split themselves into two opposing groups. Each group must then get to the opposite position to where they started by leap‐frogging opponents. Pre‐planning is a must with this one!

Giant Match Sticks

Solve three giant matchstick puzzles. Under the watchful eye of a marshal, you may only move the giant matches in a certain way to complete the puzzles successfully. Great interactive game to bring out your communication skills.

Moon Walking

Your team hid under a rocky outcrop during an electrical storm that created clusters of radioactive dust on everything except the craters linking you to the next outcrop. The whole team must reach the next outcrop stepping only on the dust‐free craters. Your team only has 15 minutes to complete this activity before your oxygen supply runs out.


You team has just been dropped into enemy lines and it’s pitch black! You only have a certain amount of time to get yourselves back to safety before the enemy catches you. Your Allout Adventures instructor will give you a hard hat, hook you onto the night line then blindfold your team. The quickest team to finish the line is the winner.

Kidnapped Quest

Your company’s managing director has been kidnapped! It is believed they are being held against their will somewhere in the Slaley Hall estate. Fortunately one of the kidnappers has a conscience and has left a number of clues that he hopes will help you locate them before they are removed from the estate to meet their fate. To help you have the following:

2 x radios

Clues to the first location

Your teammates

You must find him as quickly as possible ‐ the faster you find him the bigger the bonus!

Raft Building

Time is really of the essence in this tense activity. One of your teammates (played by a dummy) is stranded in the middle of a lake and is quickly losing consciousness. You and your teammates must build a raft to safely transport yourselves to your stranded teammate and back again.

Sheep and Shepherd

In this time‐sensitive trust exercise, one of your team plays the shepherd at the head of his faithful flock. That’s the rest of you. Blindfolded, the flock must be directed by the shepherd into a selection of pens using only the instruction of the shepherd’s whistle.

Aircraft Survival

This team building game is based on over 2000 real life air crash disasters in which men and women have lived or died depending on the decisions they made.

Here, the survival of your group depends on how well you can share knowledge and work together in an unfamiliar situation.


Being lost in the jungle isn’t fun, especially when the only way out is through a crocodile infested swamp. With wooden stumps and planks at your disposal, you and your team must try and escape the dangerous swamp without touching the ground.

Thirty Thirty

Your team must bring together a combination of skills including speed, agility, memory and teamwork in this challenging team‐building exercise, as you try to make contact with thirty different markers in thirty seconds.

Selected topics for your team building may include:

  • Defining team roles
  • Developing effective relationship
  • Identifying/addressing team performance
  • Team problem solving
  • Team development
For creative and challenging teamwork activities, give us a call today on 01434 676980